How to upgrade with new version?


It's pretty simple to upgrade your web tv player to the new version. 

We assume you have already bought our Web TV Player based on Xtream Codes and You or we have it configured on your server with license key. 

Steps : 

1. Download the latest version from your client area or directly here:

( Please make sure you need to download the Web TV Player - Black Version ) 

2. It's the zip file that you need to unzip and upload the files to your web server where you have it already placed the old version. 

Please note: There are two folders into the zip file PHP v5.6 and PHP v7 Version you have to upload it according to your PHP Version. 

If you have any question, Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] 

If you have not bought yet and interested to buy it then here you can kindly place an order:


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